Convert Amazon Label - Invoce in one

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How To Do?

  • Select Option Keep Invoice If you don't want it to be removed
  • Select Option Group By SKU If you want labels sorted by SKU, then
  • Drop your Amazon file in Drop area or you can open File Explorar/Findar by clicking on Amazon Icon
  • Download your file by clicking newly generated link

How to use PDF croppers to crop e-commerce flipkart amazon label pdf

Hope you have read it and get cleared how this works and yet you are not clear then

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  • Amazon Output Format is as mentioned below.

    How to use PDF croppers to crop e-commerce amazon label pdf

    Rep. | ITM-01-P1 | Item name product name | Qty: 2

    1. Rep. ( Only in Replacement Order )
    2. SKU
    3. Product Name [~50 character] ( We removed first 2 words from product name, assuming that two words will always brand name).
    4. Quantity
    5. In case of multiple product in one order, all SKU and Qty only will print of all products.
      Like Below

      ITM-02-P2 - Qty: 1 | ITM-02-P3 - Qty: 2

    6. If you see Multi Item in any label then check that order details ( you will find something interesting).

Note: All your file/files are automatically deleted up to 30 minute after uploading /creating