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How to crop Glowroad label easily with pdfcroppers.com

Gloworad label has invoice and tracking slip mixed

Sellers have to crop and separate label manually

But the problem is the area to crop is not fixed and cropping manually one by one label is big headache

when sellers receive a higher order count it's getting harder to manage those order

another problem sellers face order sorting and verifying with SKU before applying it to a parcel

This process is time-consuming

To solve problems pdfcroppers has come up with an automated tool to do the things for you

You just have to upload your order label pdf file to pdfcroppers and see the magic

One more headache for sellers it to summaries daily orders

To solve that issue pdfcroppers provide a summary of label pdf on the last page

With this simple solution, we can save a tremendous amount of time of sellers

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