Rotate PDF pages

Drag & Drop to Upload File

1. Select Pages

  • All Pages : Rotating All Pages
  • Specific Pages : Rotate Special Pages only
    • If you have 20 PDF pages but want to exchange Page 3,6,10 at that time
    • Enter 3,6,10 in the page number field
  • Page Range : Rotating Consecutive Pages on All Pages
    • If you have 20 PDF pages but want to rotate page 3,4,5,6,7 it means 3 to 7 at a time
    • Enter 3-7 in the From Field

2. Select Rotation

  • Right : 90° Clockwise
  • Left : 270° Clockwise
  • Upside-Down : 180° Clockwise


3. Place your file files in the Drop area or you can open File Explorar / Findar by clicking on the Icon

Need Help:

  • You can contact me on Discord, Telegram or byEmail, we'll have discuss there if you want to report bug or have greate idea to upgrade this program.
  • Mobile web link may not work in some country. So, search PDFCroppers in Telegram and you'll find a channel.

Note: All your file/files are automatically deleted up to 30 minute after uploading /creating